Embracing Change – The Menopause Athlete Method ™

Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life that is marked by significant hormonal changes. Although it can bring various challenges, it does not mean you can’t prioritise your well-being! When I suddenly found myself in early menopause, I felt like all the training I had done had gone out the window! I was […]

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Why you should be using HRV (Heart Rate Variability) as a measure of your health!

HRV is THE BEST measure of your overall health and wellbeing! Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the time between each heartbeat and is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This system regulates functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, etc. Good sleep, exercise, and stress management help keep the ANS in balance! High HRV […]

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Men need support during Menopause too!

If I had no clue what was going on how on earth were the men in my life supposed to? We must provide support to both men and women to foster healthy relationships, promote emotional well-being, and facilitate understanding and empathy. Educating men about Menopause and raising awareness can result in more informed and supportive […]

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Relief from Menopause Symptoms with the Power of Cold Water!

Yes, it does!!!! FINALLY, the research is getting out there – Cold Water helps #menopause symptoms! It’s time to embrace the chill!❄ According to a recent study, the effects of cold-water swimming were so marked that it may provide an alternative solution for women struggling with menopause and encourage more women to take part in […]

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Why ALL young Athletes need a Well-being Coach!

59% of the young Athletes valued having a wellbeing coach as part of their physical training! We conducted a case study to introduce a Well-Being Coach for the Squad at Wye Gymnastics and Galaxy Cheerleading, providing education on core areas within mental well-being within a positive environment. Wye and Galaxy recognise the importance of supporting […]

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Too young for Menopause?

In the United Kingdom, 30,000 reports of menstrual irregularities and postmenopausal bleeding were sent to the Yellow Card adverse events reporting site for the Covid 19 research before September 2021. Women reported menstrual changes after being vaccinated against COVID-19 returned to their regular cycle within 2 months — though in some cases, reported changes were longer lasting – this […]

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How would it feel to increase your Recovery by 35%?

Oxygen Advantage – 1 Minute Recovery Plan Case Study I saw phenomenal results in my training…since completing this course I have seen massive changes. I have a new vitality for Training by changing nothing but the way I breathe! Would absolutely recommend working with Louise!            Michelle Langford – Recreational Fitness Want all the above?! Read […]

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