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Why join the Mindset Revolution?

  • Access a comprehensive coaching programme that will allow you to track progress and see results FAST, reigniting self-belief for a successful future.
  • Spark your success with science and structure – gain the inspiration to be who you really want to be!
  • Educating your Mind – providing a tool kit for life to build a consistent future performance
  • A huge library of techniques that cover the unique offering across
    the Revolution Cycle – Mindset, Movement, Sleep and Breathe
  • Support the whole way – we don’t close the doors on our coaching sessions – we are always open for questions whilst you’re part of the Revolution.

Strip everything back and realise who YOU really want to be. Spark your own success with the IGNITE YOUR PERFORMANCE package:

  • Over 10 Hours of Tailored Performance Coaching, designed specifically for YOU! This can be broken into 1-2 hour sessions or run over 2 days.

Example over 5 sessions:

  • Session One provides expert feedback, with analysis to create a bespoke Mindset change programme! Brainstorming – Habits, Patterns and Strategies and defining the new YOU
  • Session Two delves into your Unconscious Mind, learning the Science and finding out what is really holding you back! Exploring the true Values that drive your thinking and re-programming unhelpful patterns
  • Session Three  starts changing negative emotions and unwanted beliefs in the ultimate way to recreate your future using your Unconscious Mind
  • Session Four  strategizing assessments and installing new ones to nail that performance!
  • Session Five setting goals that really work – utilising techniques that allow your Mind to chase a goal so that you actually achieve the performance of your life! Training you with a toolkit using iRest and Oxygen Advantage for continued recovery to allow you to operate at peak performance.

Bonuses included FREE:

  • Lifetime access to the Sleep including iRest recordings to facilitate a better night’s sleep!
  • Lifetime access to Oxygen Advantage Recovery Plan to enhance Performance
  • Support the whole way via What’s App or Email whilst working on the bespoke plan.

With 85% of people unhappy in their jobs (Gallup), it’s time to get serious about your career with the FIRE ME UP! package. Find a job you love and it won’t feel like work:

  • Three Sessions, with over 3 hours of tailored career coaching for YOU!
  • Session One – up to 2 hours, providing expert feedback, with analysis to create a bespoke job plan!
  • Brainstorming – skills review, job mapping and target companies.
  • Defining your dream job and your New Job Action Plan!
  • Salary Coaching – getting the base salary and the benefits you deserve!
  • Session Two – up to 1 hour to review, adjust, and refine searches if necessary – ensuring you are targeting the companies that will provide you with the career you want!
  • Provide an individual recruitment plan to find your new job and provide application support
  • Session Three – catch-up after 6-8 weeks if required – by then you should have nailed your new job!

Bonuses included FREE:

  • CV review and tailoring to match your job hunt!
  • Insider training on how to search for jobs and the best places to find them!!
  • Zoom support sessions for interview prep and debrief until you nail that new role!
  • Support the whole way via WhatsApp or email whilst working on the bespoke plan.



Push yourself beyond your comfort zone, reinforce your own mental toughness and get your head in the game  with the COMPETITION READY package.

  • Over 3 hours of tailored Performance Coaching, designed specifically for YOU to nail that competition!
  • Session One provides expert feedback, with analysis to create bespoke Mindset strategies ahead of competition. Brainstorming – Habits, Patterns and Strategies – removing any self-doubt or questions- allowing you to give the very best performance!
  • Session Two discovers how to utilise breath with the Oxygen Advantage Recovery plan to boost your physical training and enhance performance at a faster rate. Sleep strategies using iRest to promote Deep Sleep and REM to ensure your body is fully prepared
  • Session Three creating a competition strategy and assessment of training to ensure you follow the process – allowing you to deliver an easier performance!

Bonuses included FREE:

  • Access to Sleep Fundamentals including iRest recordings to improve your sleep!
  • Access to Oxygen Advantage Recovery Plan to enhance Performance using the power of breath!
  • Support the whole way via WhatsApp or email whilst working on the bespoke plan
  • Competition analysis and video debrief.


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Ignite your thinking, giving you a stronger mindset for the future. Not sure which package is right for you?

“Nothing but good words about Louise and her approach, genuinely impressed with the entire process.”

Mike Catris | Head Coach, The Athlete Programme