Exercising further and faster with each breath.


Functional Breath Training allows for higher aerobic and anaerobic capacity:

  • Want to increase your Recovery by 35% in just 4 weeks?
  • How would you like to optimise your Training Programme by simply breathing better?
  • What would it feel like to have a fitter heart by adding simple techniques to your daily life?
  • Hear other Athletes nailing Performance but can’t work out why you are not further along too?
  • Would you like to see fitness improvement with the power of just walking and breathing alone?
Feel the benefits of the 1 Minute Recovery Plan:
  • Focus on utilising the Oxygen Advantage Breathing Techniques to lower your HR Recovery time
  • Improve your BOLT (Body Oxygen Level Test) to help with sleep, posture stabilization, reduce injury and  promote recovery
  • Allow for a faster Heart Rate Recovery which will improve overall performance with increased circulation, concentration and resilience
  • A key indicator of the  effectiveness of an athlete’s exercise programme.
What does the 1 Minute Recovery Plan include?
  • 90 Minute Workshop including the science of The Oxygen Advantage and all the techniques needed for the plan…
  • A 4-week plan for you to follow to improve your training, recovery and sleep
  • Weekly check-ins to tailor plan following results
  • WhatsApp access for any questions for the duration of the programme.
Bonus Extras!!!
  • Access to the workshop content including videos and Breathing Audios for download via Thinkific
  • 20% Discount on the 121 Plan for all workshop attendees
  • Full presentation of results for facilities holding a workshop to use for your own content.

Start Today

In as little as 4-weeks you could record upto 35% faster Heart Rate Recovery. Looking for the right workshop or to organise your own, bespoke session?

“I saw phenomenal results in my training…I have a new vitality for training by changing nothing but the way I breathe! Would absolutely recommend working with Louise.”

Michelle Langford – Recreational Fitness

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