Take Charge of Menopause Like a Champion

Does this resonate with you?

  •     Are you unsure about what to expect during menopause?
  •     Do you feel lost and out of control of your symptoms?
  •     Are you lacking the support you need?
  •     Curious about how others are managing menopause?
  •     Managing someone at work transitioning and want to offer better support?
  •     Work in a corporate environment where Menopause Policy doesn’t fit purpose?

If this sounds familiar, read on to find out more about how we can empower you to learn more about menopause and equip you with the tools needed to navigate the daily challenges of menopause.

We offer 121 Coaching, Corporate Education, Speaking Events (with a difference), Workshops, Seminars and Menopause Retreats.


My personal journey through early menopause made me realise the lack of support available for women facing this transition!

Feeling lost and alone, I struggled to regain control over my body and mind. As someone with over a decade of experience coaching athletes, I recognised that the methods and tools I used to help them excel could be adapted to manage menopause. This realisation led to the creation of The Menopause Athlete Method™.

This coaching programme is designed to educate, empower, and equip with the tools needed to navigate the daily challenges of menopause.

Whether you are preparing for menopause, seeking balance during perimenopause, or experiencing symptoms post-menopause, The Menopause Athlete Method™ offers a unique toolkit tailored to your needs – and it’s not just for athletes!

This programme is about both Women (and men), helping them to understand in both life and work how we can make this transition more comfortable, support ourselves or the women in our life to feel in control – it’s about doing things differently!


Menopause is a crucial and often challenging phase in a woman’s life – but it is just one moment in time. Peri and Post Menopause can bring significant physical, psychological, and emotional changes during this natural transition and we want to help you navigate it with ease. It can affect not only the woman but also those around her and like an Athlete we need a G.A.M.E Plan to embrace health, regain control and unleash our Inner Warrior!

  • Our 5-Step coaching programme offers a comprehensive understanding of menopause, along with a personalised plan to manage your transition.
  • We aim to leave you feeling confident and empowered to handle every stage of menopause.
  • We know that changing your thinking can change how you feel and ultimately change your behaviour. That’s why we’re here to help you become more resilient and have a consistent strength of mindset.
  • We’ll support you in reprioritising yourself, reinforcing self-belief, and filling you with motivation.
  • We’re passionate about seeing you succeed and give the performance of your life!
  • Join us today and let us guide you through this transition with empathy and care.
  • A comprehensive understanding of Menopause and a Personalised plan to manage your transition, leaving you feeling confident to navigate every stage of Menopause!

What does the 121 “Personal MOT Process” Package Offer?

  • Over 4 Hours of Tailored Menopause Coaching, designed specifically for YOU!
  • The Menopause MOT looks at 7 Key Areas to analyse to recommend your personalised G.A.M.E Plan!

Example Sessions

Explore and Experience

Assess your current Heart Rate Variability (HRV) status and the impact of your lifestyle on both body and mind. Our assessment tools utilise the latest technology to evaluate your Menopause versus the standard approach! We look at resilience, optimism, self-awareness, and other relevant psychological factors that can help improve symptoms.


Following the assessment, you will receive a feedback session where we discuss your results. With our insights into how you regain control of your Menopause!


The menopause MOT involves providing you with the necessary tools, resources, and strategies to enhance your Menopause Toolkit and build a personalised G.A.M.E plan!


Our follow-up and support sessions will ensure your progress, keeping you accountable to your goals and helping you navigate any challenges you may encounter. Based on your assessment results and goals, our personalised recommendations will provide you with further reading, workshops, or activities to support your Menopause transition. Take the first step towards a healthier YOU today!

What results will I see?

  • Change your thinking – change how you feel and ultimately change your behaviour!
  • The amazing people we coach are more resilient and have a consistent strength in Menopause.
  • They have reprioritised themselves, reinforced self-belief and filled with confidence.
  • And our favourite part – seeing them absolutely nailing life during Menopause!

Bonuses included FREE!

  • Personalised Recovery Plan
  • Free access to Workshops and Events for 3 months
  • Support the whole way via What’s App or Email whilst working on the bespoke plan.

What does the 121 “The Menopause Athlete Method” Package Offer?
Over 10 Hours of Tailored Performance Coaching, designed specifically for YOU!

Example Sessions

Explore and Experience

Unlock your potential and discover a fulfilling life through self-discovery and personal growth. Explore insights and identify patterns to gain a deeper understanding of your Menopause. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about what to dig deeper into. Utilising the latest Heart Rate (HRV) technology we assess both your Mind and Body.


By embracing self-awareness and accepting your Menopause, you can improve your decision-making and emotional intelligence. The Meno toolkit provided will help you build resilience, find a sense of purpose, and broaden your understanding to boost your confidence.


Evolve into the best version of yourself by owning your Menopause, taking real action, and gaining control over your life. Develop adaptability and resilience, and continuously improve your Meno mindset to thrive!


Evaluate your sense of belonging and share your newfound Menopause knowledge and experience with others (including the men in your life!). The opportunity to mentor and skill share will contribute to your well-being, making you feel supported and empowered. Live a fulfilling life and nail your Menopause like a true champion!

What results will I see?

  • Transform your Meno Mindset – transform your emotions and ultimately transform your actions!
  • The remarkable individuals we coach demonstrate remarkable resilience and consistent strength during menopause.
  • They have prioritised self-care, bolstered their self-belief, and exude confidence.
  • And the most rewarding part? Witnessing them completely owning their lives during menopause!

Bonuses included FREE!

  • Personalised Sleep and Stress Recordings
  • Free access to Workshops and Events for 6 months
  • Support the whole way via What’s App or Email whilst working on the bespoke plan.

For more than two decades, I’ve navigated fast-paced, high-pressure sales environments, leading high-performance teams. Despite professional success, I reached a point where work excellence didn’t translate to the impact it was having on my mental health.

Despite facing my own setbacks with perimenopause, post-COVID vaccination, I remained undeterred and sought balance amidst menopause -lessons akin to those imparted to the athletes I coach!

My introduction to the transformative HRV (Heart Rate Variability) technique holds promise in revolutionising menopausal emotional management in work, sport, and life!

Observing a lack of support for individuals undergoing similar experiences, in professional settings, I established The Menopause Athlete Method™.

This comprehensive, science-backed methodology empowers both men and women to confront menopause head-on, reshaping societal perceptions of this life stage within workplaces.

Gain insight into the science, leverage cutting-edge HRV technologies, and implement effective policies and recruitment tactics to become a pioneering advocate, elevating menopause awareness!

  • Onsite or Online Training for Employees, Managers and Policy Makers
  • Menopause Lunch and Learn Series
  • 121 Menopause MOT Coaching (HRV Technology)

Menopause Packages are designed for corporate teams, small groups and individuals.


Passionate about speaking out, I believe that menopause should be a normalised subject for both women and men. Through my own experience, I embarked on a quest to reshape our thinking about Menopause in both work and life!

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I found myself supporting others through the immense stress and mental health challenges it brought. However, facing my own setback with early menopause after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine I need to find a way to regain control.

I used the same comprehensive mind and body approach I did with my athletes, embracing meditation, cold water therapy, breathwork, and strength-based training to find balance during perimenopause. And the discovery of the game-changing HRV (Heart Rate Variability) method has the potential to revolutionise how we manage menopausal emotions.

Recent speaking events have included Cyber Security Week in London, a Series of workshops for Anxiety Support Wales and Festivals such as Everywoman Festival in South Wales.

Start today

Join us in taking charge of Menopause like a champion. Embrace your health, reclaim control, and unleash your inner warrior!

Life doesn’t end with menopause; it’s the beginning of a new adventure. Strap in and enjoy the ride!

Helen Mirren

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