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We have upcoming dates for the Sleep & Recovery with iRest course. The course can be booked via secure payment for £149 using the links below.

Find it hard to switch off at night?

  • Want a shortcut to better sleep?
  • What if you could learn a process where resting for 35 minutes feels like the equivalent of 4 hours sleep?
  • Are you working long hours and looking for a way to reboot energy levels during your lunch break?
  • Looking to invest in yourself where there is a clear return on time and money
What will I learn on the FULL DAY course?
  • Practical face to face workshops facilitated by our Level 1 iRest® Teacher and Master Coach, will help you understand the science behind the practice.
  • Techniques that have been demonstrated, even in a very short dose, to positively influence sleep and well-being
  • Learn the entire iRest® Toolkit to improve productivity and performance – in work, sport or just life
  • Develop techniques to reduce stress fast – studies show that recent trends for the convenience of practices like iRest® are catching on in many workplaces, especially during the lunch hour
  • How to take an iRest® for 10 or 20 minutes to help you fall into short periods of restful sleep, so you awaken refreshed and ready for the rest of your day
  • Understand and put into play an evidence-based practice that is researched-backed with on-going studies across a huge number of areas, including its ability to improve length of time asleep to enhance decision making (
Bonuses included FREE.
  • Access to the 2 Hour Sleep Fundamentals Course and Tools for Sleep Assessment to get you started
  • The entire iRest® course recordings – over 3 hours of practice to take home – yours for life!
  • Access to the Developing Sleep Course for further self-improvement
  • Over 4 hours of content
  • CPD Certificate
  • A comprehensive iRest® manual for referral.

“Louise’s delivery of her iRest Sleep & Recovery course is just brilliant. Absolutely loved her mix of e-learning, in person and the huge library of information.”

Lilli Craemer | Civil Engineer

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