How would it feel to increase your Recovery by 35%?

Oxygen Advantage – 1 Minute Recovery Plan Case Study

  • Want to increase your Heart Rate Recovery by 35% in just 4 weeks?
  • How would you like to optimise your Training Programme by simply breathing better?
  • What would it feel like to have a fitter heart by adding simple techniques to your daily life?
  • Hear other Athletes nailing Performance but can’t work out why you are not further along too?
  • Would you like to see fitness improvement with the power of just walking and breathing alone?

I saw phenomenal results in my training…since completing this course I have seen massive changes. I have a new vitality for Training by changing nothing but the way I breathe! Would absolutely recommend working with Louise!           

Michelle Langford – Recreational Fitness

Want all the above?! Read on……..

What is the Oxygen Advantage?

“The Oxygen Advantage® is about breathing to improve oxygen uptake, along with specific breath holding techniques to simulate high altitude training” Patrick McKeown

Functional Breath Training that allows for higher aerobic and anaerobic capacity enables us to do more with less, to exercise faster and further with each breath. Using techniques from OA the 1 Minute Recovery Plan enables you to enhance Performance in Sport, or just Life!

What is the 1 Minute Recovery Plan?

The 1 Minute Recovery Plan focuses on utilising the Oxygen Advantage Breathing Techniques to lower your HR Recovery time and improve BOLT (Body Oxygen Level Test) through either walking or intense exercise. A faster Heart Rate Recovery will improve Performance in a short space of time! Its also one of the easiest ways to tell if the exercise programme is effective – it’s all about optimising your results as part of your daily routine!

What were the Case Study results?

As part of the design of this programme a Case Study was carried out with participants from all walks of life – from amateur runners to competitive CrossFit Athletes – even dog walkers!

The Study participants were taught Oxygen Advantage Techniques including Nasal Breathing, Low, Slow & Deep Breathing after Recovery, with some participants taping their mouths in Sleep and Exercise. During the 4-week plan of specific exercises they were asked to simply incorporate these into their current routine and monitor their Heart Rate Recovery Time and BOLT weekly.

In just 4 weeks participants recorded up to a 35% Faster Heart Rate Recovery, Improved Bolt by 55% and for some a much Lower Resting Heart Rate – whether they were practicing Yoga, Walking, Running or Competitive Athletes!

Biggest change is recovery rate in training – everything is nasal breathing so feeling energised after most workouts & could go again.  HR dropped 60 in 2 mins!

Matt Thomas – CrossFit Athlete, Coach and Box Owner

Even just walking and using the Recovery Plan I have noticed a huge difference in my well-being, I am calmer, less stressed and feel fitter!

Kate Williams – Dog Walker

Heart Health is paramount to strong Body and Mind to carry you late into life, a strong Heart has a massive impact on Performance – the plan is for everyone not just the elite Athletes!

What are the benefits of a faster Heart Rate Recovery?

  • Faster Heat Rate Recovery the fitter and healthier your Heart!
  • A stronger heart muscle allows your heart to increase circulation with every beat
  • Lower heart rate during exercise and its knock-on effect in lowering resting heart rate
  • Improves concentration, Calm and Resilience during movement which transfers to daily life
  • For Athletes – know if your training programme is working and optimise results!!

What are the benefits of an improved BOLT?

  • Improved Sleep, Reduces Fatigue and promotes Recovery
  • Reduce energy expenditure with heavy breathing
  • Reduce onset of breathlessness
  • Posture stabilisation through better breathing
  • Reduce risk of Injury

What does the Plan include?

  • 90 Minute Workshop including the science of The Oxygen Advantage and all The Techniques need for the plan!
  • A 4-week plan for you to follow to improve your Training, Recovery and Sleep
  • Weekly checks ins to tailor plan following results
  • What’s App Access for any questions for the duration of the programme

Bonus Extras!!!

  • Access to the Workshop content and Tracker including Videos and Breathing Audios for Download (Worth £100)
  • 20% Discount on the 121 Plan for all Workshop attendees!
  • Full Presentation of Results for Facilities holding a workshop to use for own content!

How do I get my own 1 Minute Recovery Plan?

Sign up to 121 Coaching, Open Workshop or book a Workshop for your facility – Functional Breath Training with Oxygen Advantage – RPM (

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