Why you should be using HRV (Heart Rate Variability) as a measure of your health!

HRV is THE BEST measure of your overall health and wellbeing!

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the time between each heartbeat and is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This system regulates functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, etc.

Good sleep, exercise, and stress management help keep the ANS in balance! High HRV can lead to health complications like anxiety, depression, heart disease, and stroke.

In the era of wearable fitness trackers and health monitoring apps, many people are searching for the most accurate and comprehensive health metrics. Among all the data available, one metric stands out as a true gold standard: Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is often overlooked or misunderstood, but it has emerged as a powerful indicator of overall health and well-being. In this blog I will explain why HRV is considered the best measure of your health.

HRV provides insight into Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Balance

HRV measures the variation in time between consecutive heartbeats, providing valuable insights into the balance of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS regulates involuntary bodily functions, with its two branches (sympathetic and parasympathetic) playing a crucial role in maintaining equilibrium. HRV reflects the dynamic interplay between these branches, offering a comprehensive picture of how well your body responds to stress and how efficiently it can relax and recover.

HRV is a Stress and Resilience Indicator

Stress is an inevitable companion in our fast-paced, modern lives. HRV serves as a reliable stress indicator, with lower HRV often associated with heightened stress levels. Monitoring HRV can help individuals identify stress triggers and track their resilience over time. A higher HRV suggests a well-functioning autonomic nervous system, capable of adapting to stressors and bouncing back efficiently.

HRV Optimises Performance

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, optimizing performance is a constant pursuit. HRV provides real-time feedback on the body’s readiness for physical exertion. By understanding their HRV patterns, individuals can tailor their workout intensity and recovery strategies, preventing overtraining and minimizing the risk of injuries. This personalized approach to fitness can lead to more effective and sustainable training regimens.

HRV to Assess Sleep Quality

Quality sleep is foundational to good health, and HRV can serve as a reliable indicator of sleep quality. Monitoring HRV during sleep provides insights into the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic activity. A well-regulated ANS during sleep is associated with better sleep architecture and overall restorative rest. By analyzing HRV patterns over time, individuals can make informed adjustments to their sleep routines and create an environment conducive to optimal recovery.

HRV Detects Health Issues Early

Changes in HRV patterns can serve as an early warning system for various health issues. Research suggests that decreased HRV is associated with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other chronic health issues. Regular HRV monitoring can provide individuals and healthcare professionals with valuable data for early detection, intervention, and proactive management of potential health risks.


Menopause is associated with hormonal changes that can impact the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS has two branches: the sympathetic (fight-or-flight) and parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) systems. HRV reflects the balance between these branches, providing insights into the body’s ability to respond to stress and recover. It’s a good way to know what is going on in your menopausal body!

Why It’s Time to Pay Attention Now!

Heart Rate Variability stands out as a holistic and dynamic metric that goes beyond simple heart rate measurements. It offers a window into the intricate workings of the autonomic nervous system, reflecting the body’s ability to adapt, recover, and thrive. As technology advances, incorporating HRV monitoring into daily health routines becomes increasingly accessible.

Whether you’re an athlete aiming for peak performance, someone seeking stress management tools, menopausal or an individual committed to overall well-being, HRV emerges as the best measure of your health—providing actionable insights for a healthier, more balanced life.

If you own a sports watch, start paying attention to your HRV measurement or message me for a Mini MOT, which includes your personalized well-being assessment – using the latest Heart Rate Technology!

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