Too young for Menopause?

In the United Kingdom, 30,000 reports of menstrual irregularities and postmenopausal bleeding were sent to the Yellow Card adverse events reporting site for the Covid 19 research before September 2021.

Women reported menstrual changes after being vaccinated against COVID-19 returned to their regular cycle within 2 months — though in some cases, reported changes were longer lasting – this was 100% the case for me!

Menopause – we know this stage of life is coming, but with an average age of 51, I was not expecting it to happen to me at 42!

And whether it was a directly impacted by the booster or it was coming anyway, the one thing I knew was I was clueless about what exactly Menopause was!

Menopause is when your periods stop due to lower hormone levels and it usually affects women between the ages of 45 and 55, but it can happen earlier. There are reasons such as surgery, cancer treatments and genetic reasons that may trigger early Menopause.

But with recent world events there is now another reason – the Covid Booster!

The Covid Vaccine

People have reported various menstrual irregularities (and postmenopausal changes) after receiving their COVID-19 vaccines. Some of these reports are anecdotal, but others are backed up by research – my own experience tells a very similar story!

After my 3rd booster my periods stopped, but did return a few months later, after my 4th booster my periods became even more irregular with gaps between cycles of up to 75 days! Imagine being in that week before your period, where you are emotional and all you want to do is eat cake – now imagine this going on for several weeks! I didn’t know what was happening and it took me a while to piece together the puzzle.

Who am I?

I sought the advice of the Doctors, who concluded that I was Perimenopausal, but I personally felt I was too young for HRT so embarked upon a mission to find a way to calm the fire naturally!

It was a scary time, and I didn’t really know where to turn for support or what to expect. Some days I had to drag myself out of bed to train (something I previously loved!). I would become overly emotion, couldn’t regulate my temperature and the brain fog at work was a nightmare (if you have ever had baby brain it’s like this – only worse!). I would eat sugary foods to get an energy boost from the Meno – Fatigue, started gaining weight and my head was not in a good place!

Tools for managing Perimenopause

I discovered Cold Water, Meditation and sought the help of an amazing nutritionist to get my energy levels back so I could train. Strength training is one of THE best ways to help that Menopausal body and I knew I had to get back to it!

Raising Awareness

On a mission now!

  • Raising awareness and showing other women there are things you can be doing BEFORE you become Perimenopausal, to make the transition so much easier!
  • Providing both education and coaching for everyone (yes men need this too!) to improve support for those going through the Menopause – at home or in work!
  • Campaigning for improved community services, with better connections to our standard healthcare to manage this life transition!

Knowledge is power and its how we find balance!

How can I help you?

If you need a clearer head, need to get your control back or reconnect with your body then you can either start with our MOT Coaching package or join one of our forthcoming events!

If you would like further information to chat, please message me via the contact form!

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