Oxygen Advantage® Breathe, HRV and Cold Water Workshop with Ice Bath

September 8, 2024 2:00 pm - Newport, South Wales

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Oxygen Advantage® Breathe, HRV and Cold-Water Workshop with Ice Bath

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Based Nr Chepstow and Newport, South Wales
£49 – 2 Hour Workshop

The Revolution Performance Mindset is all about strengthening your mind and body. It helps you re-educate your thinking to become mentally resilient, reconnect with your purpose, and find freedom to give the performance of your life. And you don’t have to be an athlete to be a champion!

I discovered cold water swimming primarily for my own mental health and early Menopause – to calm the fire in my body and mind! When I am in the cold water, there is nothing else – the noise is dialled down, and I feel reconnected. I loved it so much that I bought a tank to dip into every day!

Many studies show the benefits of cold water for mental and physical recovery. For me, daily immersion into the cold helps me focus my mind and recover my body from training. Combine that with the incredible breathing techniques of the Oxygen Advantage®, and you have a magic formula for recovering faster!

Cold water immersion is for everyone, even if you don’t think you can brave the cold. Research shows it aids with physical recovery, mental health, menopause, and more!

What will you learn in this workshop?

You’ll explore the science behind cold water exposure, its benefits for your mind and body, and how to use it safely. You’ll also discover HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and how to use it effectively to manage both your body and mind in cold water. We’ll work on techniques to calm your mind through the Oxygen Advantage and meditation, culminating in a final dip into the cold!

What results can you expect? Clients have seen the following results through regular practice of breathwork using the Oxygen Advantage and cold water exposure:

• Improved sleep and reduced fatigue

• Faster heat rate recovery (HRR) and a more balanced heart rate variability (HRV) – fitter and healthier heart!

• Lower heart rate during exercise and its knock-on effect in lowering resting heart rate

• Able to go for longer and further, more reps – faster recovery!

• Improved concentration, calm, and resilience during movement, which transfers to daily life

Whether you’re in the cold water for 2 or 10 minutes, this is not a test of bravado but a way for the cold to work for you. Gain knowledge, experience the cold, feel the breath, and decide how you want to incorporate it into your daily life!

After completing the workshop, you’ll be able to attend the monthly pop Ice Bath Clubs, or you may even find yourself buying your own tank!

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