Speaking Event – Mind Your Meno Workshop Series – Swansea

June 12, 2024 6:30 pm - Swansea

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15/05/2024 – 1830 – Managing Sleep and Stress for Menopause

Stress is unavoidable, but prolonged exposure to it can harm our health. Learning about stress, how our minds regulate emotions, and what our bodies need to achieve balance is crucial during Menopause. Adopting a whole body and mind approach that utilises techniques encompassing both can help us cope with stress effectively and attain equilibrium. And stress might not be all that gets thrown at you!

Challenges related to sleep and fatigue tend to increase as we enter the menopausal phase. Around 30% of the UK population suffers from insomnia, which is the most common sleep disorder in the UK. Studies have shown that sleep is vital for our health, mood, and memory consolidation. BUT Rest is just as helpful as sleep, and during Menopause it is my secret weapon and a tool you will want in your kit!

12/06/2024 – 1830 – Heart Rate Harmony

Taking care of yourself is paramount, no matter what stage of Menopause you are in, we can’t pour from an empty cup. Learn techniques to find Balance and use the latest Heart Rate Technology to observe how our bodies are impacted by Menopause!  It is essential to fully comprehend how our bodies and minds function during every stage of Menopause. While it is an inevitable part of life, it’s crucial not to feel lost or lonely in how you manage this change. These sessions help you gain knowledge about the science of how our heart works, HRV (Heart Rate Variability,) and the impact of Menopause. This is THE ultimate tool to help you regulate emotions and find balance!

17/07/2024 – 1230 – Into the Cold

The practice of Cold Water has recently been shown by Heath Massey (University of Portsmouth) to have beneficial effects in mitigating symptoms of Menopause. Specifically, the use of daily immersion, coupled with breathing techniques enabling you to maintain focus and achieve a state of calm (even when you feel like a crazy woman!). Nasal breathing, in particular, has been shown to suppress the “fight or flight” response, further promoting relaxation. Additionally, the use of cold water has been linked to improved recovery times and enhanced mental clarity. For me, the gamer changer is that cold water can reduce stress levels by decreasing cortisol production which rises during Menopause. Whether you are a regular dipper or new to the cold this session will give you another tool for your Meno Kit!

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