Speaking Event – Every Woman Festival Cardiff

June 15, 2024 10:00 am - Insole Court, Cardiff

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Motor House Down

1030 – My Heart goes Boom Boom Boom

 Utilising the power of HRV to supercharge your Emotional Well-being (and stop losing your s**t)!

Our emotions can be like a rollercoaster, sometimes you can feel totally on point, on the days you are losing your s**t. Whether your have a stressful job, looking after those crazy kids or are going through certain times in life that impact women, like the Menopause – it can be difficult to manage that balance. This workshop explores the use of HRV (Heart Rate Variability) to regulate emotions and support your emotional well-being. With a demonstration of how HRV works, how you probably have this tool at your fingers already and how you can use a simple but effective technique to regulate your heart health for a longer life!


1300 – Managing Insomnia

Studies have shown that sleep is vital for our health, mood, and memory consolidation

Challenges related to sleep and fatigue tend to increase as we become increasingly stressed. Around 30% of the UK population suffers from insomnia, which is the most common sleep disorder in the UK.

Understand how the Insomnia cycle works from a scientific perspective and some key tactics to breaking the loop. Even if you don’t have Insomnia this is a great process to understand as this works for so many other situations in life that you may need to change!

1330 – Unlocking your Super Woman’s ZZZZ powershow to nap like Wonder Woman with iRest!

Sleep should be your superpower for recharging but what happens when our energy levels are low? How can we reboot like Superwoman fast?

This workshop demonstrates the amazing practice of iRest – a research backed tool that can help us find calm, deep rest, inner peace and a way to reboot our energy levels fast! A practice taught worldwide in many institutions it is simple to learn, regardless of background or experience in Meditation and they say 35 minutes it like giving the body 4 hours of sleep – who doesn’t want that?!

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